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July 2017: Miscellanea Americana

My current tour is taking me to some places I haven't been to for quite a while, some I've never been to, and several in the Southern half of the USA. I don't include Florida, which is a special case (and arguably belongs more to the Caribbean than the American South) but we're also visiting North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Oklahama, Missouri and Texas. When I tell this to people in New York, they tend to give me a look: a mingling of the raised eyebrow and the worried frown that says 'why would you go there'?

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That's All, Folks!
Posted on 6/27/2017

The Fast Forward tour finally wrapped up on June 25th in San Antonio, Texas – its 88th show. Joe would like to thank the following for one of his most successful and enjoyable tours in many years:

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Joe on Alec Baldwin's
Posted on 5/30/2017

Listen to Joe's wide-ranging conversation with Alec Baldwin on his excellent podcast Here's The Thing HERE

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