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Every musician has musical heroes. Some of us even write about them. You don't hear so much from us, though, about the very important figures in music history who've been non-musicians. Managers, promoters, A&R men, publishers, DJs, etc, have been crucial, and without them, some of the greatest music in history might never have even existed. The masterpieces of Mozart or Beethoven were often written on commission, for aristocratic patrons who in some cases were keen amateur musicians with good taste. (Sometimes they were lousy musicians with no taste, but they had something else of great importance in the encouragement of musical careers, namely money).

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Posted on 3/6/2017

Following three sold out tours over the last year and a half, Joe is mounting one more “encore” to the Fast Forward Tour.

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Vinyl Re-Issue of I'm The Man
Posted on 4/29/2016

I'm The Man is now available again on vinyl, thanks to a 180G (Dead Quiet) re-issue pressed by RTI. This new edition has been 100% Analog AAA mastered by Kevin Gray, with beautifully restored cover art printed by Stoughton on heavy stock.

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